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Point of Sale Solutions for Small Business

Why We’re Here

Gain Control Over Point of Sale

As former brick and mortar business owners, we know how important it is to choose the right point of sale and to ensure that point of sale system is rock solid and not looking to blindside you.

POS is the hardest working employee

Boost Sales

Our Industries

Who We Help

Specialized Software for YOUR business

Full Service Restaurants

Table maps, safe/fire, multi-printer, etc.

Quick Service Restaurants

Menu boards, KDS, que, CallerID, OLO


Compex inventory, barcodes, price book


Online booking, route management, invoicing

Powerful Options

Powerful. Reliable. Simple.

Point of Sale Hardware

Go commission-free with integrated online ordering and QR order sites.

Save 22% on average

vs. DoorDash & GrubHub

Agnostic Solutions

Control Who You Choose to Partner With

e=Each point of sale system offered by The POS Authority is committed to being processor agnostic. This means that you choose your own processor. Software is software. Payments is payments. Our systems integrate with most major processors.


Long-Term Contracts


Support, Menu Builds, and Onboarding Assistance

Sleek & Powerful

Form Meets Function

Grow Your Business With Modern Point of Sale.

People like consistency. Whether it’s a store or a restaurant, they want to come in and see what you are famous for.

Mickey Drexler

CEO (Former) & Chairman J. Crew


Do You Have Any Questions?

We work with a network of payments professionals and do not work directly with the public. Please contact your rep for demos, pricing, and system availability.

How do I get a demo of your point of sale offerings?

We work with a very select group of payment processing sales teams. We provide access to the hardware and software for point of sale excellence, and they manage the initial client relationships. If you’d like to get in contact with one of our select partners, please reach out here.

Is there a monthly fee for your point of sale systems?

Yes, the only “free” point of sale systems are ones that get bundled with restricted processing choices – something we refuse to do. 

Do your systems support cash discount and other fee based programs?

Yes, each of the systems we provide access to offer fee based programs. You will need to speak with your payment processing agent for more details.

How long is the contract for POS Authority systems?

We do not offer any system that requires a long-term contract. Everything is month-to-month.